Mormonism’s Wobbly Foundation of Fickle Feelings

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Giving Us Piano Lessons or Making Us Pianists?

Written by Mark Cares Giving us piano lessons or making us pianists? What is a better description of what God has done for us? I ask this be... (more)

I Believe the Same Thing

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Be A Proactive Witness

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It’s true: The Bible does teach two ways to heaven

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Mormonism’s Version of Chinese Water Torture

Written by Mark Cares Chinese water torture involves restraining a person and dripping drops of water slowly and steadily on the person’s ... (more)

Are Christians Spoiled Children?

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Revelation above Reason or Reason above Revelation?

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The Just Shall Live by Faith – LDS Style

Written by Mark Cares “The Just Shall Live by Faith” is the title of the First Presidency’s message in the current issue (April, 2017)... (more)

Celebrate Easter by Being Guilt-Free

Written by Mark Cares I have often wondered if guilt is a God-pleasing emotion for a believer. Let me explain. I’m using the word “guilt... (more)

Getting on the Same Wavelength or Should We Pray about the Book of Mormon?

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Deadly Encouragement

Written by Mark Cares Jesus reserved his harshest words for false teachers. This is all the more striking because he treated blatant “sinn... (more)

Eager to Have Your Day in Court

Written by Mark Cares C.S. Lewis once stated that believers should view Judgment Day as defendants with airtight cases. If you had absolute ... (more)

The Fatal Attraction of Genealogy

Written by Mark Cares Genealogy is being emphasized this month in the LDS Church. A couple of weeks ago, it held its annual RootsTech confer... (more)

Finding Peace in Imperfection

Written by Mark Cares Finding Peace in Imperfection This is the title of an article for young adults in the February 2017 edition of Ensign,... (more)

Address the Heart or the Head?

Written by Mark Cares The respected Christian historian, Philip Schaff, once said that unbelievers “are seldom convinced by argument, for ... (more)

“The Not Even Once Club” – Really?

Written by Mark Cares The Not Even Once Club is the title of a children’s book published and promoted by Deseret Books. It is written by W... (more)

In the New Year, Be a Living Commercial for the Good Life

Written by Mark Cares If you watch any TV, you can’t avoid them. I’m talking about commercials for weight loss. Most have people talking... (more)

Mormonism’s View of Jesus, the Only Begotten Son

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A Friendly December Challenge

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