Focus on Your After Picture

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Funerals are Revealing

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Putting Truth in Love into Action: Our Story

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Don’t Talk About Heaven!

Written by Mark Cares Earlier this week I did a little video on how to use the Super Bowl as a witnessing opportunity. CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT... (more)

A New Living Prophet: Any New Changes?

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True Hope

Written by Jon Leach “I hope it’s not cold tomorrow.” “I hope we win our game.” “I hope I land that job.” Have you ever consid... (more)

How to Respond to President Monson’s Death

Written by Mark Cares Earlier this week, President Monson of the LDS Church died. Mormons view him not only as their president, but also as ... (more)

You are Forgiven. Believe it!

Written by Mark Cares There is no way you, or anybody else, can fully comprehend God’s love. It truly is incomprehensible. One result is t... (more)

Jesus – the Cure for Spiritual Stenosis

Written by Mark Cares In a couple of weeks, I’m having surgery for spinal stenosis. Therefore, as most of us do, I googled it. It’s a na... (more)

The LDS Church Celebrates Christmas Just Like the World Does

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Thanking God for Christ’s Four-Dimensional Love

Written by Mark Cares Paul’s letter to the Ephesians oozes with mind-boggling phrases describing God’s love for us. At the end of chapte... (more)

Be Ye Therefore Perfect – Eventually?!?

Written by Mark Cares This is a title of a talk (without the question and exclamation marks) given at the recent LDS general conference (Oct... (more)

Don’t Make the Fruit the Root

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A Mormon’s View of Luther

Written by Mark Cares “Most of the things that Luther was against, Mormons would be for.” Craig Harline emphasized this in a recent podc... (more)

To Be or to Believe

Written by Mark Cares Last week I wrote about a vision President Nelson’s grandfather supposedly had of his father, President’s Nelson g... (more)


Written by Mark Cares This is part of a title of an article in this month’s Ensign (Oct. 2017). It was written by President Russell M. Nel... (more)

Feelings when Touring a Mormon Temple

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An Enlightening Glimpse into a Mormon’s View of Judgment Day

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Keeping the Commandments Perfectly

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President Monson, Where’s Jesus?

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