Who We Are

The seeds of Truth in Love Ministry were first planted in the outreach ministry of Messiah Lutheran Church in Nampa, ID. When Rev. Mark Cares arrived in the late 1980’s, he met many Mormons but knew very little about Mormonism. While canvassing neighborhoods, he attempted to argue and debate the theology and history of Mormonism, but didn’t find this approach effective. Over the course of the next several years, Pastor Cares studied the theology and culture of Mormonism and developed a different approach. By utilizing the language and terminology of Mormonism, he focused on bringing messages based on God’s Word that touched on the stresses of a man-focused religion.

The power of God’s Word worked.

Messiah Lutheran Church began to grow with a number of his congregation being ex-Mormons who became Christian.

Due to these blessings and the encouragement of his congregation, Mark wrote a book entitled, “Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons” which was first published in 1995. Mark received numerous invitations to speak and was invited on many Christian radio programs to share his Christ-centered approach. The book continues to be widely used today as a means to share God’s Word with Mormons.

To take more advantage of opportunities to encourage Christians to utilize the approach taught by Mark’s book, Truth in Love Ministry was established as a separate non-profit 501 (c)3 organization in 2005.

What is Truth in Love Ministry?

Truth in Love Ministry is focused on one goal: to bring as many Mormons to heaven as possible. We do that by proclaiming God’s wrath and grace with love and respect to Mormons and equip Christians to do the same.

“Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ.” (Ephesians 4:15)

Only the Word of God can bring a person to trust in the redemptive works performed by Christ. Only the Holy Spirit can use this power to turn people from relying on their own works to gain entrance into heaven. Instead of trying to reach Mormons by relying on logical arguments or debating the beliefs of Mormonism, Truth in Love Ministry centers on sharing God’s Word with them. We strive to keep the focus on the major issues of God’s wrath over sin and the only antidote to that wrath — his saving love in Jesus. And we do this in a respectful and loving way, utilizing the language of Mormonism, appreciating its culture, and addressing the unique stresses that Mormons commonly experience.

The brilliance behind Mormonism is that it deftly utilizes familiar terms of Christianity to teach its theology.

This approach allows Mormons to appear and sound very Christian. As a result, a person must take the time to learn how the teachings of Mormonism differ from the foundational truths of the Bible. Because of this, many Mormons have never fully heard the true gospel of Jesus Christ. The essence behind the Truth in Love Ministry approach is learning how to speak God’s truth using words and messages that penetrate these LDS filters.

The motivation behind Truth in Love Ministry is rooted from our deep love for Mormons. We love Mormons! We just don’t like the teachings of Mormonism. In fact, we are convinced that the teachings of Mormonism are leading them down a path toward eternal damnation. Instead of encouraging people to place all their trust in the completed work of Christ, Mormonism focuses people on their own works to make them worthy for temporal and eternal rewards. A well known passage from the Book of Mormon states, “For we know that it is by grace we are saved, after all we can do.” (2 Nephi 25:23).

Equally troubling is that Mormonism disagrees with the essential doctrines of orthodox, biblical Christianity by denying the triune God and teaching that people have the eternal potential to progress toward godhood. For these reasons, along with many others, Mormonism cannot be considered Christian. Truth in Love Ministry exists to rescue those entrapped in the false teachings of Mormonism. Furthermore, in light of the aggressive media campaigns funded by the LDS Church and the tens of thousands of Mormon missionaries across the world, we are compelled to warn Christians of its teachings. There is an urgent need to open people’s eyes to the spiritual dangers of Mormonism, especially if they are not familiar with core Biblical teachings.