President's Message

President's Message 2

Thanks for stopping by our website.  I hope you take the time to explore it.  It lays out an approach to witnessing that has been used and refined for over 30 years.   Although we focus specifically on speaking God’s truth in love to Mormons, many people have told us that they have found the principles very applicable to witnessing in general.

We have a passion for sharing the wonderful news of Christ’s completed work with as many members of the LDS Church as we can.  That is why we put so much effort into inviting one million Mormons to hear the gospel.  (The picture above is of me being interviewed by a Salt Lake City TV reporter concerning that campaign.  To see the entire interview, click here.)  That is why we are continuing to invite more and more Mormons to hear the original gospel each and every day.

Over the years we have had respectful and far-reaching conversations with thousands of LDS members.  A significant percentage of Mormons have shared with us their struggles to become worthy in God’s sight. It saddens us to see their uncertainty about being worthy or being forgiven.  We are especially distressed by the fact that Mormonism is leading its members to an eternity outside of God’s presence in the outer darkness of hell.

It is our heart-felt conviction that the only loving thing to do is to warn Mormons about the dire straits they are in.  And then to point them to the solution in Christ’s completed work for them.  That is our calling.  That is our passion.

Thank you again for visiting our website.  Feel free to contact us with your questions or feedback.  And may God bless you with the joy of knowing that you are totally forgiven in Christ.