Truth in Love Ministry logo

Image portrays our approach of speaking the truth in love

More and more people are becoming aware of Truth in Love Ministry. And we praise God for that!

Our approach of speaking the truth in love is being embraced by Christians around the world. Even Mormons appreciate our emphasis on respect, our zeal for sharing, and our focus on God’s Word.

Here are some key thoughts that went into the process and the design of our logo:

1.         We wanted an identity that is unique, memorable, and separates ourselves from all other mission organizations. When people see our brand or logo, we want them to immediately think of Truth in Love Ministry. It is a look that is not common or “borrowed” from any other church or Christian organization.

2.         We consciously decided not to include a cross in our logo. Though it represents truth, our approach, and our message, the cross symbol does cause offense to our intended target — the Mormons. When we speak the truth in love, this would be a good example of utilizing our approach by creating unnecessary offense. If they are offended, we want them to be offended by the message, not the symbol of the cross.

3.         We love how the logo combines several different aspects. Notice the following:

a) The logo includes a depiction of love through the figure of a heart. Our motivation for sharing the gospel is prompted by love — not only love for our Savior and what He has already done for us, but our love for those souls lost in the false gospel of Mormonism.

b) The gold piece in the middle represents the truth of Christ and resembles the message of the cross. Furthermore, it denotes the image of Christ extending his arms over the heart that combines both truth and love. Even though our approach is to treat Mormons with love and respect, the central message is Jesus Christ. It is through His Word that Mormons can come to faith.

c) The colors of the heart message utilizes purple along with blue. The purple color found in the logo and in the font represents royalty and authority. It is not the authority of any modern-day prophet, but the truth of the King — the ultimate authority of Truth and salvation.

4.         Our tag line “Sharing Christ’s Work with Mormons” not only focuses on the completed work of Christ, but conveys a message that will register with Mormons since “works” is a topic they focus on. Plus, the tag line identifies the primary work of our ministry which is sharing the law and gospel with Mormons.

5.         The corporate identity can be used with or without the tag line. Furthermore, we have both a vertical and horizontal placement of the fonts that can be used depending upon the project.

6.         Finally, we will be using the logo without the tag line for all of our materials and advertisements for the Utah campaigns. When Mormons see our identity, they know that we have a message that comes from the Bible and conveys both love and respect.